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About OverC

OverC is a Health Advocacy company. We offer services to improve

the individual’s experience within the health care system. Our goal is

to create better personal health management and ultimately better health.

We are a company of healthcare professionals.

By working together, sharing our knowledge and expertise,

we create a strong support team for our clients.



Katherine Daniels & Perry Kimber

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We are physiotherapists and have been health care providers for more than 25 years. From that vantage point, we have had a front row seat to view the struggles of individuals participating in the health care system. We have also witnessed the struggles of our aging parents and experienced first-hand the difficulties associated with trying to help loved ones manage their health care. Our own experiences and the many stories from others inspired us to try and do a part in making the journey a little easier.


Katherine Daniels & Perry Kimber



What others say about us

"OverC gives a real sense of comfort that your parent is being cared for.  Where you might not have felt that you were doing an effective job previously, you can feel with OverC that things are being handled.   It’s not just that they take the time, and care, but that they know."

"OverC really helps us by navigating the health care system. They are quarterbacking, keeping track and making sure that the health care part is working."

Doug – Saskatoon


"I didn't know what OverC would offer, and now that they are working with us, there's so much I can take off my plate and enjoy my time."

"The personal health record gives me peace of mind. Beyond peace of mind, it gives me a piece of control in all of this.  I can tell the doctor what happened, and when.  I have all of my daughter's medical information, rather than relying on somebody else to go looking for the information at a crucial time."


Bev - Saskatoon



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